Wildlife Guide

With the varied life zones in the area, this is one of the most popular places to view local wildlife. Deer, bighorn sheep, elk, rabbits, birds, bats, foxes and three kinds of wild cats roam the area.

Black Bears

Although no longer containing a grizzly bear population, Utah’s forested areas are still home to the black bear. Despite the name, black bears can range in color from black to brown and even blond. > See More

Bighorn sheep

Two species of bighorn sheep are active throughout Utah. The California bighorn, closely related to the mountain goat, can be seen on the tops of steep ledges and mountains. The desert bighorn sheep is more common, although sometimes hard to find by the untrained eye. Look for small groups on dry, rocky terrain. > See More


Zion National Park alone is home to almost 300 species of birds, including eagles, hawks, woodpeckers, and owls. During nesting season many of Zion’s imposing cliffs are closed to climbers so that falcons may roost there. > See More


A famous symbol of the American west, the coyote feeds mostly off of small “pest” animals such as mice, snakes, and insects. More common than it once was, coyotes can be found as far south as Latin America; their unmistakable, eerie voices often can be heard at night throughout the park. > See More


Used as a food source since early pioneers settled in Utah, the rocky mountain elk have since been placed under a closed hunting season by the state. Watch for males roaming alone or in herds during the winter months. > See More

Ferrets and Pine Martens

Prized for their fur by early European trappers, a variety of ferrets and martens exist in the park and outlying areas. Ferrets and martens are both members of the weasel family and play an important ecological roll in keeping the rodent population down. > See More


Utah is home to the grey fox, the rarer cousin of the red fox. A competitor to the coyote, the grey fox is a small omnivore and possesses the rare trait among foxes in that it can climb trees. > See More

Mule deer

One of the most commonly sighted animals in Zion. Mule deer can be found along almost the entire half of the continent. Although active all year round, fawns can sometimes be seen accompanying mule deer in the early spring. > See More

Rabbits and Pikas

Zion area is home to several species of jackrabbits, pickas, and cottontails. Pikas are cousins of the rabbit family.  > See More


Popular now as a game animal, the pronghorn are swift-footed animals resembling antelope. Living on a diet consisting mostly of sagebrush, they prefer to live in groups. Look for them on the Awapa Plateau on the way to Zion. > See More


There are a large number of mice, rats, and other nuisance rodents in Zion. However the area also is home to beavers and even porcupines. > See More

Wild Cats

There are three species of native cats in Utah: the bobcat, the lynx, and the mountain lion. Of the three the mountain lion is the largest and can bring down larger animals such as bighorn sheep and elk while bobcats and lynxes feed mostly off of small rodents and rabbits. > See More

Fish and Amphibians

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