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From hiking to fishing to winter sports, there are plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast in Zion National Park.

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From the popular Zion Narrows route to trips on the East and West Rim, there are many backpacking routes in Zion National Park. Permits are required for all overnights and technical trips. Nearby Grand Canyon National Park is also a popular backpacking destination. Read More...


Gooseberry Mesa, JEM Trail, and Thunder Mountain offer singletrack (and slickrock) fans plenty of fat tire options. Read More...


Zion offers several excellent camping experiences, from primitive backcountry camping to designated camp grounds within the park. Read More...


The Zion Narrows may be the birthplace of canyoneering. The Subway is another popular place to scramble and rappel into and through the Zion canyons. Read More...


The Virgin River through Zion is considered a wild river and has six species native to the Virgin River basin, four of which reach into the Zion headwaters. All fish in Zion are catch-and-release, with the exception of trout. Read More...


Zion offers hikers and backpackers an exceptional variety of lovely trails that meander across rivers and streams, pass by striking waterfalls and end in magnificent geological formations like hidden canyons and soaring arches. Read More...


In-park trail rides follow the course of the Virgin River or expand out into Sand Beach Trail. Backcountry permits allow horse camping in some of the most remote and scenic locations Read More...


Although Zion is pretty temperate compared to the surrounding desert, hiking along steep canyon walls can get a little brutal. That’s why we recommend indulging in at least one Rafting/River Trip during your stay. Zion is on the Virgin River, but it is also close to the Colorado and the Green rivers, which offer great white water as well as chances to take a relaxing float and enjoy a relief from the desert heat. Read More...

Scenic Flights

See the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Hoover Dam, or Lake Mead from a bird's eye view. The most popular scenic flights are the 25- or 50-minute helicopter tours or the 50-minute airplane tours. Read More...

Winter Activities

The canyon is not normally subject to heavy snow, so hiking, biking and canyoneering (with a wetsuit!) are popular throughout the winter. Roads generally remain passable, although some trails get icy so check with the rangers. Read More...

From hiking to fishing to winter sports, there are plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast in Zion National Park.

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Top Ten Things to do in Zion Park

1. Explore a Slot Canyon

Zion possesses one of the areas richest treasure troves for intrepid explorers willing to match their wits, their legs and their fingers against Mother Nature.

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2. Look for Arches

These geological phenomena are formed through a deceivingly simple process of erosion. Water percolates through the cracks in the rock, and in the winter it freezes and expands, cracking and carving bits and pieces of the rock into natural arches.

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3. Delve into Zion History

There are tens of thousands of ruins, artifacts, petroglyphs and pictographs throughout the region. One of the most fun things you can do is find an ancient artifact on your own.

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4. Listen to the Experts

Varied ranger-led programs are meant to inspire and educate visitors of Zion National Park. These varied programs can feature film, slides, and other forms of presentation.

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5. Explore The Narrows

The Narrows are easily accessed by everyone. The hike begins at Temple of Sinawava, then winds along the paved pathway of Riverside Walk to the beginning of the area where the canyon walls narrow.

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6. Watch Wildlife

Utah has some amazing animal populations– big cats, buffalo, bears, and more. With a little persistence you can catch a glimpse of many of Utah’s native residents.

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7. Drive the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway

With switchbacks, slickrock and sweeping views with seasonal waterfalls, the approach has numerous spots where you can pull off the road for a better view or to take a short hike, encapsulating many of the highlights seen elsewhere in this most scenic of areas.

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8. Soak in fabulous scenery

Utah is know for its striking scenery, but Zion stands above the rest. With breathtaking waterfalls, towering cliffs, narrow canyons and numerous water features, it is hard to image a place more beautiful.

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9. Visit a Museum

The Southwest is dotted with small museums set up by an individual or a small group who really wanted to tell people about something. These mini-gems of museums are worth the time and money.

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10. Go Where the Locals Go – Kanab and other areas near Zion

With 15 miles of trails through coral-colored Navajo sandstone interspersed with snow white cliffs, dark lava flows and bright red sand dunes, the five-mile Snow Canyon Park draws rock climbers, photographers, spelunkers, RVers and hikers.

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